Testing Facilities

• Design & Development facilities of complex shape through
latest software.

• High pressure Wax injection machines ranging from 50
to 70 kg/cm2 to produce wax patterns of high quality & accuracy.

• Latest addition of process equipment to produce Monolithic Shell Moulds in
mass quantity with proper control of all critical parameters.

• Dc-waxing baths to remove wax from the moulds without any damage & cracks of the shells.

• Variable frequency Induction Melting furnace for both Ferrous and Non-ferrous materials with high temperature shell firing chamber to fire the shells before pouring.

• Quontron (Germany) make with direct reading Multi Matrix spectrometer to ensure the chemical composition of the molten metal before pouring for both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials.

• Complete Heat-Treatment facilities are available to under take all types of Heat - Treatment as per customer and Standard requirement.

• Microprocessor based Universal Testing Machine for mechanical properties like Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, % of Elongation, Reduction area with computer interface and graph charting facilities.

• Hardness Testing Machine for direct reading of Brinnell, Rockwell and VPN hardness.

• Complete inspection facilities for Linear, Radial and angular entities including roughness and die penetration of the castings.

• Metallurgical Microscope with photo attachment for analyzing structure
of the material.

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