Quality Assurance

Leak-proof Cast (I) Pvt. Ltd. has full-fledged set up for assuring
quality of castings as follows:-

Analytical - Quantron (Germany) make with direct reading
Multi Matrix Emission Spectrometer to ensure the chemical
composition of the molten metal before pouring
for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Mechanical Testing - Microprocessor based Universal Testing Machine for mechanical properties like Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, % of Elongation, Reduction Area with computer interface and graph charting facilities Die Penetrate Test.

Hardness Testing Machine for direct reading of Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness.

NDT and other test - Non Destructive Tests like Radiography, Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Test, etc. would be out sourced from reputed external laboratories.

Other tests like Impact Test, Microstructure Examination, IGC Test (Corrosion Testing), etc. are also out sourced from reputed external laboratories.

In-house test facility for checking quality of wax & coating materials.

In-house instrument calibration facility with reputed external support is the key of our quality policy.

We are certified for our quality system as per ISO 9001:2008 by DNV.

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